Learn the culture of Japanese gifts

Gift giving is a central part of the business culture of the Japanese. The Japanese are very fond of giving gifts. Or rather, gift giving has become a habit, a ritual indispensable in their daily lives. The Japanese give gifts on any occasion? With Japan, gift giving has become a habit of being in life, […]

Japan should learn from the “strange”

Japan should learn from the “strange”. We ask the question: why do we have this study in Japan? Perhaps you had to study in Japan and work here or who has ever set foot in the land of cherry blossoms are clear To no distinctions between rich and poor condition from an early age, all […]

Learn Korean food culture

Like many other Asian cuisine, Korean cuisine is the crystallization of culture deeply imbued with this rich country. The richness of the genre with many characteristic of Koreans soaked in each dish called ginseng origin. Korea is natural topography favors with an ideal, fertile plains hills, the sea surrounded by so proud hoarding natural resources […]