The special dishes of Korea

Korea not only attract visitors by the beautiful scenery, the film emotionally touched, but also by the delicious dishes to silence people. Seolleongtang, Seoul Seoul is the capital of South Korea, and also is the center of culture, commerce and cuisine of the “cold country”. An undeniable delicacies of Korea is Seolleongtang: Range from cow […]

The delicacies difficult to ignore when South Korea

Sisters us fascinated Korean films must have remembered the food was very tasty hear as beef broth, chicken, vermicelli mix … We invite you to enjoy below. According to experts, Korean cuisine is Slow Food – Natural food is very appropriate with world trends identifiable. The cuisine of the land of Kim Chi unstudied in […]

Together dining culinary discovery of Korea

In the three key elements of life – in the face, eat – a change in food habits have the greatest impact to the Korean people. Rice remains the main dish of the majority of the Korean people, but among young people today, many people appear to prefer more Western cuisine. Rice is usually accompanied […]