Mount Fuji – Japan culture

Many people know to Japan by the famous cherry flower world. Also known by the name of this country, “Land of the rising sun”. But rarely someone unknown to Mount Fuji as a sacred symbol and cultural soul of this nation. Mount Fuji under the Sino-Vietnamese called Mount Fuji, Shizuoka province, less than 100 kilometers […]

The core values of education in Japan advanced

Solidarity, learning and appreciation through thank, apologize and mutual assistance are enshrined in the country’s educational background cherry blossoms. Have you ever wondered why we like to study Japan yet? A somewhat sure it is because you will be exposed to and learn in an environment with advanced teaching policy. Japan attracts every year a […]

Japan should learn from the “strange”

Japan should learn from the “strange”. We ask the question: why do we have this study in Japan? Perhaps you had to study in Japan and work here or who has ever set foot in the land of cherry blossoms are clear To no distinctions between rich and poor condition from an early age, all […]