Using Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss

I have been making use of recurring fasting for weight loss and it has been so reliable, satisfying, as well as straightforward that it would be a crime not to discuss my technique with you right away! By utilizing recurring fasting for weight loss, I have actually been able to constantly eat reduced calories without […]

Scientists Discovered Morphin-Like Painkiller Without Lethal Risks

Scientists are convinced that they may have already found a new form of painkillers that give relief from pain like morphine without the fatal side effects and will not cause addiction. Nobody believed it was possible. However, a scientist named Dr. Laura Bohn from Stanford University found a protein called beta-arrestin, which sticks to the […]

To Live Longer, Study Suggests Getting Your Protein From Plants, Not Meat

How much protein you eat—and where that protein comes from—may affect your lifespan, suggests research published today in JAMA Internal Medicine. The new analysis, conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital, found that people who ate a lot of animal protein had a higher-than-average risk of dying over the next few decades, especially if they favored processed […]