FBI takes down suspected Cleveland terrorist planning Fourth of July attack: The Big Story

CLEVELAND, Ohio – For the second time in six years, the FBI reported having prevented a home-grown terrorist from carrying out an attack designed to cause wide-scale death and destruction in Northeast Ohio. At a Monday news conference, the FBI in Cleveland and the Joint Terrorism Task Force announced they had arrested a Maple Heights man who was plotting to help al-Qaida detonate a bomb in downtown Cleveland during the Fourth of July. Demetrius N. Pitts, 48, a Muslim who […]

Carl Hiaasen remembers brother killed in Annapolis shooting

Best-selling author Carl Hiaasen remembered his brother, Rob Hiaasen, in a Facebook post after he was killed in the deadly shooting in an Annapolis, Maryland, newsroom. Carl Hiaasen said he was “devastated” and “heartsick” to learn his brother was one of the five victims killed in Thursday’s shooting. “Rob was an editor and columnist at the paper, and […]

Drita D’Avanzo wants to ‘smack the f–k’ out of Farrah Abraham

Reality star Farrah Abraham said a number of unkind things about fellow reality star Drita D’Avanzo on Thursday night, and D’Avanzo has received the criticism with a certain measure of indignation. “I’m going to slap the s–t out of that Mr. Ed-looking f–ker,” considered D’Avanzo when we called her for comment. “Teen Mom’s” Abraham posted a video from Scores […]

Go deeper: Juul’s value skyrockets despite investor trepidation

Juul Labs, a startup that makes electronic cigarettes, was valued at $4 billion by investor Fidelity last month, a staggering number given private e-cigarette funding virtually disappeared this past year. Why it matters: Juul is succeeding in a market where many other e-cigarette companies have failed, despite continuing regulatory uncertainty. Show less The intrigue: Juul has mastered […]