Liberty Walk Works its Magic on the McLaren 650S

Today’s tuners have a lot in common with pre-war coachbuilders: they take a vehicle that comes out of a manufacturer’s assembly plant and gives it their personal touch. Liberty Walk is a small workshop in Japan: they made their reputation modifying JDM cars such as the Nissan GT-R, with wide fenders fitted to the vehicle […]

Circuit Mont Tremblant Does Something Different: A Car Show

In a rare occurrence, Circuit Mont Tremblant will be opening its doors and holding a large car show aiming to attract enthusiasts from all over the automotive and tuning communities. The event – organized by in conjunction with seven other local event promoters including Eurokracy, Car Fever, Auto Acethetics, High Society, So Clean, Octane […]

Huge Financial Losses For Tesla

In the last quarter, Tesla announced financial losses of USD$293 million. Last year, they posted losses of $184 million. Tesla has now lost money for the 13th quarter in a row. These numbers may look catastrophic, but we have to put things into context. The manufacturer is currently spending lots and lots of money in […]

Stolen Jeeps in Texas; Hackers are to Blame

You might remember the hacker duo that took control of a Jeep Cherokee last year: without physically touching the vehicle, they used a computer and internet connection to deactivate the steering, brakes and accelerator of the SUV. The stunt placed the Uconnect system in a bad light, since this infotainment system was to be blamed […]

It’s Jaguar Land Rover’s turn in the Takata Airbag Saga

The Takata airbag scandal and recall saga is still ongoing. In North America alone, there are close to 35 million cars containing tens of million faulty inflators. Globally, roughly 100 million cars and trucks from various automakers are equipped with potentially dangerous inflators that have been sold by the company. So far, the airbags have […]

Here are Mercedes-Benz’s Upcoming Products

Manufacturers are usually trying to keep their future plans secret; obviously, it wouldn’t be very good for them if their competitors knew what they were planning. Sadly for Mercedes-Benz, Autocar just uncovered a planning sheet showing what they have in development for the next few years. There are a few unsurprising new products: for example, […]

Chevrolet Will Help VW TDI Owners With Their Next Car Purchase

Following Volkswagen’s recent problems with its diesel engines, the German manufacturer decided to cut back on their TDI powerplants and focus on greener technologies. For example, they will roll out new electric vehicles shortly. This is all fine and good, but it leaves a large gap in the market: what about people who love their […]

the New Infiniti Q60

John Snow Drives the New Infiniti Q60

Sport luxury Coupes are not as uncommon as one might think. Nearly all of the main players in the posh car categories has one, including Infiniti. The Q60 has returned but this time it has a far more distinct personality over the Q50 sedan with which it shares many components. This approach will certainly help […]

Flyin’ Miata Injects Some Juice into the Mazda MX-5

Anyone who drove a new Mazda MX-5 can tell you the sleek roadster is one of the most enjoyable, brand-new vehicles on the road. Its steering is responsive, the car weighs pretty much nothing and it can go around corners at impressive speeds. However, power isn’t THAT impressive. While the 2.0-litre engine likes to rev, […]

2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1’s Power Output Revealed

When Chevrolet launched the new Camaro ZL1, an important information was missing. We learned about the 10-speed automatic transmission, the magnetic suspension, the huge air intakes… However, the exact power output was kept secret. Chevrolet wanted to surprise us. Sadly, nothing stays hidden for long on the Internet: through an ordering guide leaked by Camaro6—an […]