12 Tips For A Healthy Relationship

The main reason for being in a relationship is feeling support, respect and safety from your partner. The lack of any of these crucial elements in a relationship may prevent you from having a strong and healthy bond with your partner. A healthy relationship helps us to accept one another as we are and stand […]

4 Ways To Prevent Muscle Loss With Age

Aging is an inevitable and completely normal part of life. However, sometimes we may experience certain health issues such as sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is muscle loss which can start as early as your 30s. One of the reasons for an early onset sarcopenia is sedentary lifestyle. However, this condition can affect even active people, and if […]

Japanese Method Of Relieving Stress In Just Five Minutes

According to Yin Shin Iyutsu, Japanese doctor who deals with ancient alternative medicine, by applying pressure on certain finger, you can solve pain, insomnia, or a mental blockade. THUMB Pressing the thumb is supposed to solve stomach problems or any pain in the abdomen. Also, this will reduce anxiety, depression, and grief. INDEX If you […]

Breastfeeding For 6 Months Can Help Reduce Diabetes Risk

Breastfeeding For 6 Months Can Help Reduce Diabetes Risk

According to a study, women who breastfeed for 6 months or more have almost half the risk of type 2 diabetes during their childbearing years. The study revealed a significant association between duration of breastfeeding and reduced risk of diabetes, even after all other possible risk factors were accounted for. Women breastfeeding for 6 months […]