Yogurt – alimentary health and beauty

Beautiful and healthy are endless dream of every woman; in which health is also a kind of beauty, because health is the beauty from the inside out to shine without resort to any artificial light does. The necessity of yogurt No coincidence that the whole world was given milk, especially yogurt, to the daily menu […]

The effects of vitamin E excellent for health and beauty of human

In fact, few people know the specific vitamin what works for your body. If you see multiple advertisements for cosmetics will certainly no stranger to the statement that was mentioned in most advertising is “Vitamin E helps smooth skin.” Since then, a lot of people know vintamin E good for skin, naturally white roses. And […]

Yoga – Health and Beauty

The efficacy of Yoga in improving and strengthening the health and beauty has been recognized by everyone. When it comes to yoga, the image that appears in each person’s imagination with a good shape, full of vitality, possesses a face radiant, refreshed every move is done slowly. Yoga and Health Yoga exercises are done with […]

Recipes protection of health and beauty in winter with honey

Winter is the fear of you dry skin, cracked lips and sore throat bleeding or, more .. But do not worry coz there were secret or honey can help you protect the health and identity beautiful in winter. Balm: The best lip balm lipstick often include almond oil, beeswax and honey, royal jelly. In winter, […]

Green tea, honey

Green tea, honey – the perfect combination for health and beauty Posted by admin on 28-06-2015 Print Health As the previous post we talked about weight loss green tea and honey. Today, also with a combination of green tea and honey, we’ll show you more about its effects not only in appearance but also works […]

Tip 6 panacea sisters beauty and health

Low-fat yogurt is considered one of the best foods for women, with the effect of reducing the risk of breast cancer. >>> ———————————— Natural Masks “flying” eye bags> >> Detoxify the body by natural therapies natural >>> 5 Tips Special intensive treatment arm >>> Eat less, but still beautiful healthy waist reduction —————- ——————– The […]

The key to beauty of French women

Natural beauty, young French women’s term as a result of the long-term care from the inside. French women are always women everywhere admired by natural beauty, nobility. The Eva let her learn the beauty secrets of the sisters here to have more experience precious beauty. 1. mask every week Sometimes, work pressure makes you feel […]

The way to experience Japanese culture

Crept into the alley to watch Geisha Japanese, tea party … and feel deeply about the country of cherry blossoms. 1. Traditional Tea Traditional Tea Culture of Japan is an extremely ancient tradition of cherry country. Each step and detail during Phase, drinking tea must follow four criteria: harmony, respect, purity and serenity. The tea […]