Genes Might Explain Hispanics’ Added Longevity

Hispanics might carry genetic advantages that allow them to age at a slower rate than other ethnic groups, a new study finds. DNA analysis using a newly developed genetic “clock” found that Hispanics age more slowly because they are more resistant to natural processes that interfere with cell repair and development as we grow older, […]

How To Grow Your Own Avocado Tree In Small Garden Pot

Avocados are one of the wonderful fruits of summer. The next time you’re making guacamole or slicing an avocado for a salad, try saving your pits to grow into avocado trees. The pear-shaped fruits are a delicious, rich food that make an excellent condiment or eat alone addition to your diet. The trees are warm season plants, easily […]

You Have Been Drinking Water Wrong Your Entire Life

YOU SHOULD DRINK 8 GLASSES OF WATER A DAY The recommended quantity of water per day is at least 8 glasses. It’s also very important how you drink it, but it’s overall health beneficial WATER SPLASHES THE STOMACH WALL IF YOU STAND WHILE DRINKING The water splashes the stomach wall if you stand while you […]

4 Dangers Caused By Drinking Alcohol You MUST Know!

Alcohol decreases the lifespan of drinkers by an average of 30 years. Due to the fact that even 63% of Americans drink beer and wine on a regular basis, alcohol related diseases have truly become a public health concern. 1.Cancer Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause several types of cancer such as breast, colon, esophagus, […]

Zika virus infection may harm adult brain: study

MIAMI – Research using lab mice has shown for the first time that infection with themosquito-borne Zika virus may damage adult brain cells, not just developing foetuses, said a study Thursday. Adult cells involved in learning and memory can be destroyed by the viral infection, which is also blamed for a surge in the birth […]

Parasitic Worms Burrow into Walls of Woman’s Stomach After Meal

A woman in Japan went to the hospital after eating a meal of raw fish that turned out to contain an extra, unwanted ingredient: parasitic worms that eventually burrowed into the walls of her stomach. The 36-year-old woman went to the hospital after two days of chest and stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, according to […]