Weight Loss Pills May Impact Brain Functions, Study Reveals

Lorcaserin is among the weight loss pills prescribed for overweight and obese adults. Several studies point to the efficacy of the drug with a 5{890ce14a6cf7fa6d58c4b477ea7090849a70754253c66c7875c6dc58556110e0} reduction in body mass after taking the drug for a year. However, individual Researchers, therefore, conducted a study with 48 obese people, with half of them taking Lorcaserin and the […]

Drunk people feels drunker when surrounded by sober people

A new study suggests that drunk people feel more intoxicated, or not, depending on who surrounds them and how drunk are they. The English research shows that drunk people next to other intoxicated individuals underestimated their level of drunkenness. And those that were in the company of sober people felt drunker that they actually were. […]

Canadian doctors can now prescribe heroin

Canada is now allowing physicians to prescribe heroin as a measure to control the country’s opioid epidemic. Unlike the United States, Canada has opted for an unconventional approach to solving the problem by legalizing prescription of diacetylmorphine. Physicians must apply for a special Health Canada program to be entitled to provide heroin prescriptions, which patients can obtain at no […]

Mice could be bred from sperm and skin cells. No eggs needed

Instead of using and egg as nature does, scientists have succeeded to produce live baby mice by injecting sperm into a modified inactive mouse embryo. The little mice were healthy at a rate of 24 percent, and it is the first time full-term live mice are born from something different than an egg. This finding […]

Stressed women are less likely to get pregnant

According to a recent study, held by the University of Louisville, stressed women who are looking to form a family are less likely to get pregnant than those with reduced stress levels. Stress seems to affect almost every part of people’s lives, and now scientists have proven that women who experience more stress are forty […]

The sugar industry paid Harvard to blame fat on heart diseases

A recent article shows never-before-seen documents between the sugar industry and a team of Harvard researchers who were paid to benefit sugar over fat in the heart-diseasebattle. The article was published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal. As shocking as it might sound, on Monday an article was published showing correspondence between the Sugar Research Foundation, today […]

Humans might have a sixth taste: Starchiness

Carbs are getting some respect since new studies from the Oregon State University show that a new taste named starchiness might have been discovered. According to scientists, humans can taste carbohydrates, leaving behind the concept of just five flavors. Up until now, it was believed by the scientific community that as enzymes in our mouth […]