10 time should not message

Messaging is a popular mode of communication but there are moments should carefully weigh the call or in person. When should express feelings The funny icon can not replace speech when we need to express their emotions. When parting Unless it is an online romance in very remote distance, if not best to meet once […]

Radiation from cell phones can cause brain cancer

According to scientists, the phone emits radiation that can cause cancer, disrupt brain activity, electrified from some medical equipment. According Boldsky , today almost all of them own a mobile phone, but only few people are aware of the effects of mobile phone radiation health effects. Studies have shown that radiation from the phones have […]

Cure high cholesterol with onion

Onions have the effect of reducing blood sugar, prevent cancer, anti-aging, anti welding sputum, blood work, … More than just a delicious food, onions also have many works to reduce blood sugar, prevent cancer, anti-aging, eliminate phlegm welding, blood work, diuretics, inflammation, sterilize … To treat angina, high blood fat, using 20g – 30g onion, […]

Secret Wellness And Beauty In middle-aged women

Entering middle age, under the impact of the environment along with the aging process that women face a lot of problems with health and beauty, the dissatisfaction with their own shortcomings is a great motivation for women to better care for the body. 4 How to Remove Skin Lightening Fast From Folk How Skin Lightening […]

Great benefits of hot water with health and beauty

Although most people like to drink cold water to quench their thirst, studies have shown that drinking water from warm to hot water can bring different benefits. It will not only improve your health, but also help you look better. Helps you lose weight Drinking hot water is a great way to lose weight because […]

Yogurt – alimentary health and beauty

Beautiful and healthy are endless dream of every woman; in which health is also a kind of beauty, because health is the beauty from the inside out to shine without resort to any artificial light does. The necessity of yogurt No coincidence that the whole world was given milk, especially yogurt, to the daily menu […]

The effects of vitamin E excellent for health and beauty of human

In fact, few people know the specific vitamin what works for your body. If you see multiple advertisements for cosmetics will certainly no stranger to the statement that was mentioned in most advertising is “Vitamin E helps smooth skin.” Since then, a lot of people know vintamin E good for skin, naturally white roses. And […]

Yoga – Health and Beauty

The efficacy of Yoga in improving and strengthening the health and beauty has been recognized by everyone. When it comes to yoga, the image that appears in each person’s imagination with a good shape, full of vitality, possesses a face radiant, refreshed every move is done slowly. Yoga and Health Yoga exercises are done with […]

Recipes protection of health and beauty in winter with honey

Winter is the fear of you dry skin, cracked lips and sore throat bleeding or, more .. But do not worry coz there were secret or honey can help you protect the health and identity beautiful in winter. Balm: The best lip balm lipstick often include almond oil, beeswax and honey, royal jelly. In winter, […]