Trying To Lose Weight? Be Friendly With Thinner People: Study

New York: People who are trying to shed pounds are more likely to lose weight if they include thinner people in their social lives, according to a study. Ironically, people who want to lose weight are more likely to experience weight discrimination and feel more comfortable with people whose body mass is similar. The findings, […]

Instagram reveals mental health of users, study finds

It appears that a computer is capable of diagnosing mental health issues such as depression by analyzing Instagram photos, perhaps even better than a physician. The findings come from a study carried out by Andrew Reece from Harvard University and Christopher Danforth of the University of Vermont. They analyzed which filters were related to the […]

Massive overdose on West Virginia

First responders in Huntington, West Virginia, were overwhelmed by twenty-six cases ofheroin overdoses on Monday evening across a four hour period. No casualties were reported since all victims were successfully revived with naloxone, which reverses the effects of an overdose. Local authorities noted that the heroin used had been tainted with another unknown substance. The […]

Viral Infections Are Worst In The Morning

Sleeping in may not be so bad after all. A new study has found that victims are more susceptible to a dangerous virus in the morning. Tech Times has reported that a recent study from the University of Cambridge found that viruses can be 10 times more dangerous if they infect patients in the morning. […]

New Potential Osteoporosis Drug Stimulates Bone Growth And Prevents Fractures

A new promising osteoporosis drug is up for approval from federal regulators next spring. The potential drug,abaloparatide, is found to stimulate bone growth and prevent fractures. The findings of the clinical trial were printed in JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association on Tuesday. The clinical trial was conducted by Radius. The scientists compared […]

Health And Beauty – Healing Power Of Onions !

Onions have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antioxidant, and anticarcinogenic qualities. Their flavonoids and sulfur compounds make them beneficial for the heart, cholesterol levels, diabetes, arthritis, and generally as an antioxidant.  – Healing power of onions – Health and beauty benefits of raw onion:  1. Onion for insect bites and stings – The sulfur in onions neutralizes the chemicals that cause the […]