Overview of Vietnam cashew industry

Cashew was introduced in our country since the 18th century and grown mainly in South of Vietnam (as consistent with natural conditions). Initially, cashew is grow dispersal in household gardens and plantations as a fruit tree that has no high economic value. After 1975 cashew was chosen as covering hills trees combined seeds, fruit. But […]

Mount Fuji – Japan culture

Many people know to Japan by the famous cherry flower world. Also known by the name of this country, “Land of the rising sun”. But rarely someone unknown to Mount Fuji as a sacred symbol and cultural soul of this nation. Mount Fuji under the Sino-Vietnamese called Mount Fuji, Shizuoka province, less than 100 kilometers […]

The Japanese are quiet and cool

If you came to Japan to study the things you most exposed and must have been Japanese. So the Japanese national character like? What can we introduce only the look is still limited and personal, is not the same Japanese who think so should hope you note this. Much of Japanese students studying abroad are […]

The beauty of the Japanese in cultural behavior in public places

Since long, the Japanese character is always world admire and respect. These are hardworking people, a sense of responsibility, humility and always maintain prestige. In particular, the Japanese always conscious collective hierarchy and respect in society. So, if you arrive prepared sunrise country, learning about the culture – the customs of the people here are […]

Experience Japanese culture

1. Traditional Tea Traditional Japanese tea ceremony is an extremely ancient tradition of cherry country. Each step and detail during Phase, drinking tea must follow four criteria: harmony, respect, purity and serenity. The tea party wants to transmit to the tea guests an experience of purity, serenity of mind. All elements in the tea room […]

The core values of education in Japan advanced

Solidarity, learning and appreciation through thank, apologize and mutual assistance are enshrined in the country’s educational background cherry blossoms. Have you ever wondered why we like to study Japan yet? A somewhat sure it is because you will be exposed to and learn in an environment with advanced teaching policy. Japan attracts every year a […]

Learn the culture of Japanese gifts

Gift giving is a central part of the business culture of the Japanese. The Japanese are very fond of giving gifts. Or rather, gift giving has become a habit, a ritual indispensable in their daily lives. The Japanese give gifts on any occasion? With Japan, gift giving has become a habit of being in life, […]

Japan should learn from the “strange”

Japan should learn from the “strange”. We ask the question: why do we have this study in Japan? Perhaps you had to study in Japan and work here or who has ever set foot in the land of cherry blossoms are clear To no distinctions between rich and poor condition from an early age, all […]

Japanese Culture: The leader of a great nation

Japanese culture brings its own special characteristics, a symbol of the strength of the human spirit in Japan. Japanese culture is the great interest of not only you want to live and study in Japan where it was a subject for study in many universities today. Learn about Japanese culture is the story of not […]

Refinement of Japanese food culture

Aesthetics, subtlety is the key factor given the Japanese culinary arts become a cultural elite of the country sunrise. Which is known under the name proclaimed “Land of the rising sun”, Japan is a very beautiful island with a temperate climate, four seasons are passing through the country. If you are a student studying abroad […]