For The First Time Ever A Snake With Legs Has Been Discovered

For The First Time Ever A Snake With Legs Has Been Discovered

When Eve screwed up and spoke to the snake in the Garden of Eden, it had legs. This is what the Bible tells us. Now scientists have described what they say is the first known fossil of a four-legged snake (which was hidden for decades) that stunned scientists (of course)—and is definitely igniting controversy. The […]

This Delightfully Strange Festival in Japan

This Delightfully Strange Festival in Japan Sees All People Cosplaying Cats

The bakeneko is one of the many, many special Japanese festival. For centuries, Japanese people suspected that cats held mystical powers. Even today, some elderly Japanese folks still harbor superstitions about cats. Before you ask, we’re going to this festival which is dedicated to bakeneko celebration and cosplay! The Kagurazaka Bakeneko Festival appears to be […]

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The 500-year-old hidden ‘Easter egg’

One of the most famous paintings in Western art features its own kind of covert ‘Easter egg’. Kelly Grovier finds a secret cipher in The Garden of Earthly Delights. Did you know that the world’s first Easter egg was created in 1979? No, not the kind that children hunt in gardens. (That tradition is ancient […]

Heydar Aliyev Centre

The 10 most beautiful ceiling in the world

Some of the world’s most glorious sights can only be experienced if you crane your neck. Jonathan Glancey looks up. Castello di Sammezzano, Leccio, Italy The mesmerising ceiling, vaults and decor of the Peacock Room in this abandoned Italian palazzo near Florence speak for themselves. Peacocks, and other exotica, were the source of the inspired […]

Mode Of Address in Viet Nam

The vietnamese society is structured to age. So their mode of address is rather complicated. A Vietnamese name is ordered as follows: family name, surname and one’s own name. For example: Nguyễn Quốc Hoàn, “Nguyễn” is the family name. “Quốc” surname and “Hoàn” his own name. In every day life, one is called by his […]

The Fika coffee culture of Sweden

Hello. We’re Fika occasional, associate degree artisanal occasional roaster primarily based out of Grand Marais, Minnesota. From our home on the shores of lovely Superior, we tend to roast tiny batches of property occasional beans with the goal of conveyance you the most effective occasional from round the globe. The idea of fika (a Swedish […]

Tribal maidens

The Rapa Nui girl has perfect body is not less a model, beauty queen of the modern world Easter island in Chile has many natural landscapes with the mysterious stone statues.   In addition, beautiful island attracts tourists not only by the mysterious stone statues , but also mesmerizes tourists with its extremely beautiful young […]

Dieu Dia Elder Gets Rich By Cashew

In Hung Phu, Minh Hung commune, Bu Dang district has a elder, his name is Dieu Dia was born in 1935 but he looks so strong, he served for Res Cross of commune and currently he is chairman of Elder Council of Minh Hung commune. Like his people, every year he carries “xà-gạt” a tool […]

Confidence Springs Up

Seven years ago, there is a soldier who neighborhoods love very much, he is not only guard border but also does many other good things, who is secretary of Ia – Mo commune, Chung Prong district, Gia Lai province, he helped people live in this area to change their life through cashew tree. Population of […]