The delicacies difficult to ignore when South Korea

Sisters us fascinated Korean films must have remembered the food was very tasty hear as beef broth, chicken, vermicelli mix … We invite you to enjoy below. According to experts, Korean cuisine is Slow Food – Natural food is very appropriate with world trends identifiable. The cuisine of the land of Kim Chi unstudied in […]

Together dining culinary discovery of Korea

In the three key elements of life – in the face, eat – a change in food habits have the greatest impact to the Korean people. Rice remains the main dish of the majority of the Korean people, but among young people today, many people appear to prefer more Western cuisine. Rice is usually accompanied […]

Learn Korean food culture

Like many other Asian cuisine, Korean cuisine is the crystallization of culture deeply imbued with this rich country. The richness of the genre with many characteristic of Koreans soaked in each dish called ginseng origin. Korea is natural topography favors with an ideal, fertile plains hills, the sea surrounded by so proud hoarding natural resources […]

The uniqueness of Korean food culture

With climate typical of a temperate zone country, in Korea they farmed and produced a lot of seasonal foods such as grains, legumes, vegetables and seafood. It is also the raw material for the famous dish of Korea, with the processing and storage especially as the like, sauce, kimchi, seafood and salt … When it […]


Healthy Plants SOUL POSITION OF KOREAN FOOD Customers remember the Korean food not only by refinement of processing, ingenious in how to present but also by the unique flavor characteristics of the cuisine here. If ever a time to enjoy kimchi dish famous in quite spicy cuisine will be the most profound impression on this […]

Korean cuisine

Korean cuisine is considered as Slow Food, the food of the land of Kim Chi is not sophisticated in processing but has a special taste, attractive forms, especially the dishes are made from materials natural, benign but offers ideal nutritional value. Referring to South Korea is referring to the land of kimchi, grilled beef, soybeans […]