Art on the Side

A new cafe in the heart of Delhi is ideal for meaningful conversations alongside fresh food. Meal for Two: Rs 700 Address: Svasti Sankul, IGNCA, Janpath. Contact: 23388155 This one may not exactly be Delhi’s answer to the iconic Cafe Samovar in Mumbai’s Jehangir Art Gallery (which shut last year), but owing to its proximity […]

25 foods you can have delivered via UberEATS

UberEATS has expanded to 29 cities and six countries, delivering meals with the ease of theUber app platform. When you’re hungry in Houston, New York City, D.C. and beyond, simply download the app (or visit, specify delivery address and enter a card for payment, then browse restaurants and menus to order. You can watch the delivery’s progress […]

Kebabs! Perfect for Labor Day grilling

It was all the rage in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Waiters, often wearing turbans, would parade through some finer restaurants carrying flaming skewers of grilled meat. The patrons would oooh and aaah, and maybe duck out of the way if the flames came too close. That particular fad has seen its moment in time; whether […]

Glazed Pork Scaloppini is a great end-of-season feast

Enjoy the end-of-summer bounty with sweet plums, zucchini and corn. Pork tenderloin made into thin scaloppini take only minutes to saute. The tangy balsamic sauce glazes the pork and plums. Plums are in season through October. To find a ripe, juicy plum, lightly press your thumb into the flesh. If it gives slightly, it’s ready. […]

How a slow cooker can be a college kid’s go-to appliance

This double-decker cheeseburger casserole layers the expected elements (ground beef, tomato, cheese, pickle relish, etc.) in an unexpected slow cooker dish Forget the hot plate, microwave, George Foreman grill, and even pots and pans. The humble slow cooker is all college students need this fall to stay well-fed. “Think about the slow cooker as an […]