When Burma Arrived in Mumbai

South Mumbai eatery Burma Burma unveils a new selection of dishes discovered through travels in the country Ankit Gupta still remembers the humid winds blowing from the docks, and the fishermen who dotted the coast. It was July 2008 when Gupta, the founder of restaurant Burma Burma, visited Yangon (then Rangoon), when he was reminded […]

Want some healthy breakfast? Try oats idli

Bring in some variety in your life. If deciding what to have as the first meal of your day is a fight every single morning then you are at the right place. A powerhouse of nutrition, both idli and oats have earned the title of a ‘healthy breakfast’ and you will find it on the […]

A Moveable Feast

Communal politics around the biryani has scant respect for its fabled history or diversity. Is it the Persian pilao, improvised and transformed? Is it the result of avant garde experiments in royal kitchens? Or is it a plebeian dish, shaped, like India, by trade and cultural interaction? “This city of tents contained market-places, filled with […]