Best Indigenous tourism experiences in Australia’s Top End

Australia’s Top End offers a unique opportunity to discover, explore and interact with Australian Indigenous culture. The Top End encompasses a massive sweep of the country from Cape York in Queensland, through to the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The area was settled by Australia’s Aboriginal peoples at least 50,000 years ago. The Top End is one […]


Australia’s top 10 family-friendly destinations

Broad, bronzed and open-skied, Australia is built for family travel – a dazzlingly diverse country strewn with tropical reefs, surf beaches and snowy heights. The vast distances between A and B can test parental patience, but with some savvy planning you can focus on the delights of exploring with people much closer to ground level […]

The best nudist beaches in Australia

The best nudist beaches in Australia

Easygoing Australia has an abundance of choice when it comes to beaches where nudism is legal and accepted. Most of the destinations on this list are nestled away, and home to communities of friendly, like-minded naturists who welcome newcomers. At some you may be the only person there – just you, the sun, the sand, […]

Full-sized replica of the famous Muttaburrasaurus

Digging Outback Queensland’s Jurassic Trail

Dusting off dinosaur bones in the remote Australian outback may not be everyone’s idea of a holiday, but for amateur palaeontologists, forensically-minded fossil finders and dinosaur lovers the world over, this is the mother lode. Most of us have had at least a fleeting fascination with dinosaurs. TheJurassic Park films (1993) made more than $2 […]


How to do the Great Barrier Reef on a budget

With around 7000km of coastline, more than 150 islands and the Great Barrier Reef spanning it all, Queensland is Australia’s most dreamed-about tropical destination. The trouble is, it ain’t cheap. The cost of living in Australia is pretty high, but there are a few hideaways and deals that can make a trip to this incredible […]

The rugged coastline of the Galapagos

Best animal adventures for families

Do you like your animal encounters furry, feathered or fishy? From cheeky monkeys and tree-dwelling goats to ‘bat tornados’ and hammerhead sharks, there’s a critter somewhere out there to capture your imagination (if not necessarily your heart). Curious kids and adults alike will be fascinated by these amazing opportunities to see different creatures at play. […]


Costa Rica’s top five marine adventures

Costa Rica’s thriving forests and abundant wildlife have made it a premier destination for eco-travelers, but the country’s lesser-known offshore environments teem with life and have just as much to set the spine tingling. Sadly, in recent years these underwater habitats have been tainted by overfishing, poaching and invasive species, and newspapers have called for […]

Llanos de Cortés Waterfall

Traveling Costa Rica with kids

Costa Rica is a family travel playground, specializing in big adventures guaranteed to get your kid’s heart pumping; whether you are zipping through the leafy canopy or spying a lazy sloth, this little dynamo of a country offers a plethora of fun experiences that every family member can enjoy. We’ve come up with a list of recommendations […]