Apple’s Tim Cook has no time for short-term investors

Apple stock price has dropped steadily throughout June. That likely bothers short-term investors, but not Tim Cook. Apple’s CEO thinks long-term, and says planning no farther than the next quarterly earnings report is a recipe for disaster. “If you’re making a decision based on the short term investors, you’re going to be guaranteed to be […]

Seth Meyers Annotates Trump’s Latest “Spectacularly Unhinged” Rally

“President Trump held one of his weirdest rallies yet,” begins Seth Meyers’ most recent “Closer Look” segment, and it’s hard to imagine how any 12-minutes of video could possibly live up to that opening clause, given how weird Trump’s rallies have always been. But somehow Meyers lands the plane, because this really was a weird, […]

Easy Magic Tricks for Kids!

The world is a magical place for a child. There is always something new and exciting to learn. Many children and adults are amazed and fascinated by magic tricks. There is something exciting about being able to do the impossible. Did you know that kids can learn how to do magic tricks? You may think […]